Youth Service League

Youth Service League

181A 29th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232
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Our Successesare many!

Over 700 student/athlete High School graduates have been placed in Colleges nationwide!

About Us

For 60 years the Youth Service League has been providing youth programs for inner city kids ages 4-20 years old.

The program, which is comprised of an all-volunteer staff, is a New York City wide program that is comprised of several components, all having to do with providing meaningful and positive educational life skills development.
Over 700 student/athlete High School graduates have been placed in Colleges nationwide, on a combination of academic, althletic & financial aid scholarships.

Youth enrollment numbers have more than tripled the past 20 years.


I think Youth Service is the best organization I've ever been a part of. It has shown me the significance of succeeding.

Wagnel Meran, current YSL youth member

I take time out from my so busy life to thank the Zitters for everything that they have done for me and for the rest of the gang that came thru the YSL program. I send my condolences to Mel and his family for the passing of Mr. and Mrs. Zitter. Mel, has always been hard on us and expected perfection at all times. Because of that, a lot of former players don't know how to express their gratitude towards him. I know that the Manny Ramirez, Alex Arias, and Shawon Dunstons of the world go every day thinking how those long hours in Ditmas JHS helped them become the citizens that they are today. Like the late Jim Valvano always said," don't give up, don't ever give up!" Thank you, Mel, for teaching me not to give up when I could have easily done so.

Benny Castillo, graduated 1987