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Youth Service League

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Our Successesare measureable

From over 700 student athlete graduates placed in colleges nationwide, to YSL alumni in professional baseball, we strive to achieve.


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A commitment to "HARD WORK" has proved that Youth Service graduates are not only good enough to play at the college level, but at the professional level as well.

Since the early 1970's, many Youth Service graduates have gone on to play professional baseball, with more than 30 making it to the Major Leagues, and another 70 playing minor league ball. Most notable among these
include Manny Ramirez, Nelson Figueroa, Shawon Dunston, John Rodriguez, Frank Rodriguez, Julio Lugo, Luis Lopez, and Ruddy Lugo.
YSL alumni in the major leagues in 2014 included all star Dellin Betances (New York Yankees), Adam Ottavino (Colorado Rockies), James Jones (Seattle Mariners), and Pedro Beato (Atlanta Braves).

Below is a partial list of other drafted YSL players:

  • Ignacio Suarez - 2003 Boston Red Sox
  • Jose Flores - 1994 Philadelphia Phillies
  • Danny Christensen, 4th round Kansas City Royals 2002
  • Yusef Carter 2005 Chicago Cubs
  • Victor Liriano 2005 Chicago Cubs
  • Benny Castillo
  • Joel Chimelis 11th round, Oakland A's 1988
  • Alan Marr 2005 Baltimore Orioles
  • Shawon Dunston 1st round, Chicago Cubs 1982
  • Mike Rodriguez - 6th round, Toronto Blue Jays 1996
  • Frank Rodriguez 2nd round, Boston Red Sox 1990

and many more.


The Youth Service program not only made me a better baseball player, but it made me a better person by showing me the meaning of hard work, dedication, and discipline.  .

Pablo "Boo-Boo" Robledo - YSL Alum

I think Youth Service is the best organization I've ever been a part of. It has shown me the significance of succeeding..

Wagnel Meran, current YSL youth member